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3 reasons why the 27 enneagram subtypes matter

Fifteen years ago, only a few Enneagram teachers were including the 27 subtypes in their Enneagram teaching, with the exception of Claudio Naranjo, who has made subtype exploration his life’s work for over 40 years. Part of the reason so

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3 reasons why the 3 centers of intelligence matter

In the world known as the Enneagram, some people – new and old enneagrammers alike – dismiss, ignore or downplay the importance of the 3 Centers of Intelligence. I am concerned about this, so I decided to write about why

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Development | receiving feedback

Ones | Put your self-critic on hold as you listen to what someone offers you as feedback, even when it is offered inelegantly. Twos | Neither blame yourself nor blame the other person when you receive feedback that contradicts your sense of

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