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Apple cake and the enneagram | ”new orleans apple cake”

Does apple cake really have anything to do with the Enneagram? When you taste this apple cake, you won’t even care whether there is an Enneagram connection or not! That said, here’s why this particular cake recipe works well for

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How an enneagram 6 buys a car

I am pretty sure that each Enneagram type buys a car in a particular way, primarily because a dear friend of mine (pseudonym Carl), an enneatype 6, recently described how he bought a new car. Both my son and I

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Development | openness

 How individuals of each type can develop more openness… Ones | Acceptance To accept what is rather than what should be; to hold oneself less tightly or rigidly; to allow more fluidity Twos | Receiving To be open to receiving

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