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Enneagram typing | competency triad differentiating questions

Helping so many people over the years accurately identify their enneatypes has helped me refine my questioning approach so that people learn more about the types, more about themselves and, then, hopefully, more about how to determine which type best

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Enneagram typing | a defining characteristic for each type

To help clients, friends, program participants, family members and even strangers on an airplane identify their types more accurately, I have found that certain characteristics help people do this better. Of course, this comes only after they have learned about

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Enneagram teachers beware | the power we have

The degree and range of power those learning the Enneagram give teachers is astounding. It’s really more about the power of the Enneagram, what it enables us to do, and its complexity. They admire us for our knowledge, the self-work

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Coaching with the enneagram | faster, sustainable coaching

This 3rd and final coaching blog, originally written for the ICF (International Coach Federation), focuses on the Enneagram and client development with a “spiritual” twist, but stated in terms easily understood. It also shows how the same development area needs

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