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VOTE | Restore the 3 Cs

VOTE | Restore the 3 Cs Here are important reasons to vote on November 3rd from the 9 points of view (and mine, too): ONES Restore competence at all levels of government, competence combined with a restorative and practical plan.

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What if Donald Trump is neither an Enneagram 8 nor a 3?

What if Donald Trump is neither an Enneagram 8 nor a 3? There is much debate and even argument about Donald Trump’s Enneagram type. I have joined the ranks of this conversation, even though I am not keen on typing

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Dealing, healing and resilience

Normally, I try to stay on the sidelines of political blogs, the exception being a situation that feels extraordinary. These are such times. The recent US presidential elections took many people by surprise and in shock, the ramifications of such

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Is Donald Trump an enneagram 8 or an enneagram 3?

Since August 2015, I have written four blogs about Donald Trump, not so much questioning what his type is – this due to the fact that for many years I have perceived him as a type 8 – but in

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Donald Trump | in lust we trust

Donald Trump, in my view, is an Enneagram type Eight, a person who perceives him- or herself as a super hero, larger than life, who intimidates enemies – and who perceives the world as one in which people are either

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Donald Trump and the enneagram | what would make The Donald stop?

My last blog, “What makes The Donald run,” has received so many “shares” and comments on Facebook that I’ve decided on what might make The Donald stop based on information and observations of moderately low to very low-functioning 8s. Here’s

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Donald Trump and the enneagram | what makes The Donald run?

When someone suggested I write a timely blog on Donald Trump, my first thought was that his Enneagram type was so obvious that there was no reason to write one. But, then again, I reflected on two things: (1) some

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Chris Christie | don’t mix chess with checkers

Right after Bridgegate broke, I wrote a blog about Chris Christie as a type Eight leader, describing how it was highly unlikely that he did not know about the traffic problems caused by the lane closures on the George Washington

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Chris Christie | bigger than the rules

I have always liked Chris Christie, or at least I had liked him until the recent Bridgegate scandal, in which many of Christie’s direct staff and appointees in various roles, appear to have closed down two of the three lanes

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