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Diversity and the enneagram community

It is with great excitement that I believe the Enneagram community, however large or small it is and that is hard to know, is ready to integrate issues of Diversity into its thinking and consciousness. Some may have already done

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Donald Trump and the enneagram | what would make The Donald stop?

My last blog, “What makes The Donald run,” has received so many “shares” and comments on Facebook that I’ve decided on what might make The Donald stop based on information and observations of moderately low to very low-functioning 8s. Here’s

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Donald Trump and the enneagram | what makes The Donald run?

When someone suggested I write a timely blog on Donald Trump, my first thought was that his Enneagram type was so obvious that there was no reason to write one. But, then again, I reflected on two things: (1) some

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Development | complexity

So is life simple or complex? Who is right, the philosopher Confucius or author Ursula Le Guin? The answer is Yes; both are likely accurate! Here’s how all 9 types can develop their ability to navigate effectively through the complexities

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