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What I’ve learned and re-learned from my recent clients

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had multiple opportunities to learn and relearn very important things from clients. This blog gives me the opportunity to describe and share these, in hopes that some of what you’ll read may be useful

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3 reasons why the 27 enneagram subtypes matter

Fifteen years ago, only a few Enneagram teachers were including the 27 subtypes in their Enneagram teaching, with the exception of Claudio Naranjo, who has made subtype exploration his life’s work for over 40 years. Part of the reason so

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Applying the enneagram to community boards | an insight by Catherine Bell

I recently attended a course by the Institute of Corporate Directors on Governance. During the course, I wondered about our Enneagram community and all of the volunteer boards, committees, associations, social enterprises, and various other Enneagram collectives or groupings. One

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Enneagram Theory: Why Are Subtypes So Important?

  The last of three guest blogs by Beatrice Chestnut, Ph.D. There are several reason that the subtypes are important to know and to study, both for people who use the Enneagram for their own personal growth and for those

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