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Diversity, the enneagram, and the Isla Vista massacre

My blog on the massacre in Isla Vista from an Enneagram perspective has received many heartfelt comments, all of them positive, though I am sure there may be reactions that are not so positive. First I wanted to share some

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Massacre in Isla Vista | an enneagram perspective

By now, the deeply troubling and devastating news of the mass murders in Isla Vista near Santa Barbara has spread worldwide, and much analysis has been done about cause and blame. For me, this event is more a pervasive pattern

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Beware of one factor typing

Helping and guiding others in the discovery of their Enneagram type is more than art and more than science. It is eliciting the obvious and implicit, as the uneasy task of self-discovery unfolds. It is not simple; nor is it

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Authority and type

How do individuals of each Enneagram type relate to authority figures, all other factors being equal (which they are not!) such as family background, religious orientation, and past experiences with extremely negative authorities? People of the same type do tend

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