Once people know the Enneagram and identify their Enneagram types accurately in our engaging and insightful multi-media experience – which takes about 2-3 hours – we let clients choose their Enneagram applications in advance, ones that provide the greatest value to their organizations. Using full-color training tools and a wide variety of interactive processes, you can choose from topics such as communication, conflict and relationships, teams, leadership, feedback, self-mastery and EQ, interactions, decision-making, change management, sales, diversity, and more. While we have numerous pre-existing field-tested workshops and programs, we also offer customized programs to fit your specific culture and needs. Training can be 1-day, multiple days, or on-going as desired.

Many companies have chosen to bring Ginger’s two different public Train-the-Trainer programs into their companies to train their staffs to develop individual contributors, teams, and leaders in the Enneagram and its vast array of applications. These programs come with robust Trainer’s Guides, powerpoint slides, training tools and more. These intensive 6-day programs can be adapted to 4-days with several sessions done virtually.

Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work covers typing and the core organizational applications of the Enneagram for large and small groups. What Type of Leader Are You? focuses specifically on leadership and trains trainers how to develop core leadership competencies using “leadership learning communities” as well as through larger group experiential learning.

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