Leadership Development

Q: Why are there thousands of leadership books available?
A: “Because no one actually knows what leadership is.” (prolific leadership book author)

Q: Why do you use the Enneagram for your development as a leader?
A: “When you get to my level, no one tells you the truth anymore. The Enneagram does!” (CEO, Fortune 50 company)

Why Use the Enneagram in Leadership

When leaders are asked “What is your leadership style?” they rarely have a clear answer. That’s because leading is something leaders do so naturally it’s like the air they breathe. However, the Enneagram can answer this important question because there are 9 different leadership styles, each a direct result of our Enneagram types. Beyond understanding their leadership styles and its impact, leaders also use the Enneagram to develop ‘hard skills,’ ‘soft skills,’ and everything in between.

Results from Our Leadership Programs

  • Expanded leadership capabilities
  • Increases in confidence
  • Enhanced EQ
  • Restored resilience
  • Greater skill versatility
  • Creation of supportive leadership cultures
  • Heightened respect for differing perspectives

What Makes a Great Leader

Leaders must balance their focus on tasks with their orientation to relationships and be insightful and flexible enough to know when and how to shift this balance based on organizational needs. Tasks refer to areas such as purpose, structure, and roles. Relationships refer to building trust, fostering inclusion, communication, and more. The third part of this essential triangle is the leader’s personal qualities such as credibility, humility, connectedness, approachability, and more.

Through leadership development using the Enneagram, leaders at all levels strengthen their task and relationship leadership skills. They also achieve breakthroughs in the most important personal qualities that are often very hard to teach, including empathy, integrity, clarity, and humility.

Leadership Application Areas

You get to choose from among these areas because we customize our programs according to your organization’s specific needs.

Leadership style
Team leadership
Drive for results
Strategy and business savvy
Optimal decision making
Leadership communication
Leading change
Leadership resilience
Motivating others
Leader as coach
Custom programs


Leadership Program Formats

All leadership development programs can be done virtually, in person or a combination (hybrid) and are stimulating, engaging, and interactive, with a focus on increasing skills and sustained leadership growth. These can be done in large groups or smaller groups called Leadership Learning Communities

Phase 1 | The Start of the Journey

All programs begin with an exploration of each leader’s journey, followed by an in-depth understanding of the Enneagram and the discovery of their Enneagram types and how these create their leadership styles.

Phase 2 | Leadership Applications of the Enneagram

You get to choose which leadership application areas you want, as well as the amount of time allotted needed to accomplish your objectives.

Phase 3 | Individual Leadership Coaching

We strongly recommend from three to six coaching sessions for each leader so they can explore their development in a confidential and results-focused environment. This is an optional, although important, part of our programs.

These programs can be done with intact leadership teams or as leadership development programs with a cross-section of leaders from your organization. We offer programs as large group sessions, smaller groups of leadership learning communities that meet for three hours monthly, or a combination of both.

Major Benefits of Using the Enneagram in Leadership Development

These are the major benefits of using the Enneagram in leadership development, according to the 2022 global survey of almost 800 people worldwide. The percentage number reflects the percentage of global respondents indicating this factor was a strong benefit of using the Enneagram with leaders. As you can see, many of these benefits are hard to teach, yet the Enneagram does!

“Ginger’s insight, creativity and experience ensure the programs she develops and delivers are not only extraordinary in what they offer but also personally relevant and timely for my own learning and development.”

~ Gayle Hardie, Global Leadership Foundation co-founder and The Emotionally Healthy Leader co-author

We offer a public Train-the-Trainer certificate program, “Build Wise, Talented and Humble Leaders with the Enneagram” based on What Type of Leader Are You?. Details here.