Leadership Development

“Leadership learning communities” are 4-10 member, ongoing dialogue groups that meet monthly with a facilitator who serves as an Enneagram, leadership and process guide. The “learning community” purpose is to explore self-development and enhance emotional intelligence among leaders, where each person makes a commitment to his or her growth and development and to the continued development of other leaders. The premise is that some learning can and should be done alone; other learning occurs most effectively with the feedback and support of colleagues. Each 3-hour session focuses on a different leadership competency – for example, drive for results, take charge of change, strive for self-mastery – and explores how competency-related strengths and development areas are based on Enneagram type and what the best development path is for each “learning community” member. These can be done on-site or virtually and usually last between 6 and 9 months.

We offer a wide variety of Enneagram-based interactive and engaging leadership development programs that can be done in 1-2 days, once a month, or at various intervals. All programs increase leaders’ self-awareness and self- mastery and  can be focused on a variety of leadership topics: leadership style and leadership development, leadership competencies such as leadership communication, leadership team dynamics, decision-making, servant leadership, vision and strategy, and more.

What Type of Leader Are You? is a program training HR professionals, trainers and coaches how to train and develop leaders in their organizations. It focuses specifically on leadership competency development using “leadership learning communities” as well as through larger group experiential learning. This innovative program comes with a comprehensive Trainer’s Guide, powerpoint slides, fabric banners, training tools, and more. Although this program is 6-days on-site, it can be divided into two 3-day on-site sessions or can be done in 4 days on site with pre and post virtual sessions.