When we coach individuals, we offer weekly, bi-monthly or monthly 1-hour sessions either virtually or in person. Our seasoned coaches from around the world use the Enneagram integrated with other coaching approaches to assist our clients in moving from aspiration to sustainable results. Our customized coaching focuses on specific development needs and desires, empowering clients to do a great deal of development work on their own.


For our coaching clients who prefer to make huge developmental strides quickly, we offer coaching intensives of 2 full days, combined with 1-2 pre-sessions and ongoing post-intensive support. These can be done residentially in relaxing settings or on-site.


Done in-person, virtually, or a combination of the two, we offer the innovative technology of Enneagram coaching circles through which 3-5 coaching circle members meet monthly in facilitated sessions to explore their own development and to support the development of others. Coaching circle members also receive and are accountable for assignments in between coaching circle sessions. With clients who want to implement multiple coaching circles simultaneously, we offer 3 days of on-site training for all coaching circle members: pre-circle orientation, a development infusion focused on organizational needs, and a post-circle summation and celebration.


Ginger offers two different ICF (International Coach Federation) programs that train coaches and managers how to coach using the Enneagram (see for full descriptions, video testimonials, and a schedule of upcoming dates). These can be offered onsite to organizations and include: Coaching with the Enneagram 1.0 (40.5 ICF ACSTH credits) that fully integrates the Enneagram with coaching, along with dramatic coaching skill building; and Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram 2.0 (41 ICF ACSTH credits) that takes already experienced coaches and managers who know the Enneagram well to greater depths in their coaching. Shorter versions of these programs, without ICF credits, are also available.


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