Ginger has been consulting to organizations for over 45 years, has taught consulting skills at universities such as UCLA, Antioch and Sonoma State, and has been a long-time member of NTL (National Training Labs, a pioneer in the field of Organization Development since the 1950s), where she has taught most of their OD related courses.

Customizing each OD project based on client desires and relevant organizational data, Ginger has integrated the Enneagram into her consulting work in the following areas: visioning, succession planning, culture change, individual team and system wide team development, leadership development and transformation, strategy formulation including Blue Ocean strategy, mergers, and hiring (social intelligence hiring).

Ginger’s clients come from a variety of industries: biotech, consumer products, law firms, government agencies, US military, aerospace, financial, entertainment, high tech, consulting firms, non-profits, global foundations, and health care.

Ginger offers her 5-day Consulting with the Enneagram certificate program on-site, which is ideal for consulting firms or for companies with a core of consultants or HR professionals who want to learn the art and science of consulting using the Enneagram. Using a multi-tiered experiential learning training model, we work in consulting teams with real clients in real time taking them from the contracting stage through the changing and ending stages.

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