Best practices benchmark update

Original 2011 Best Practices Benchmark Report

In 2011, the EIBN did a comprehensive Benchmark Report on best practices bringing the Enneagram into organizations. We conducted 72 individual interviews – including trainers, consultants, and leaders – who had been using the Enneagram successfully in organizations and getting positive results. This report was originally printed in English – 3000 copies, all of which have been distributed – and is now available as a pdf download in English, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish on The Enneagram in Business website. For your convenience, we have also included pdf downloads at the bottom of this page.

Benchmark update 2019
A team of EIBN Senior and Associate Members have been working to define what an update of the benchmark that does not duplicate the original because much of what was learned on the original is still valid and valuable even though it is a seven year old study. We are still in process and here is our progress:

Original benchmark questions 2011
A Benchmark needs to answer a significant question or questions. The original study’s main questions were these:
How and where is the Enneagram being used worldwide in organizational settings?
What are the main organizational applications?
What are the results thus far?
What are the critical success factors?

Benchmark update question 2019
To justify the time and effort of a Benchmark Update, defining our question(s) of inquiry was the first and crucial step. Without this, there is no clear path to discover the answer. After multiple meetings over multiple months, we became more and more clear: What is the real value for organizations to use the Enneagram?

Benchmark update inquiry process
Although the process is emergent, we are going to start with the above question and then develop new processes as we learn more answers to our inquiry. This team is still working on the process; thus far, it will be in two parts:

Comprehensive Survey Monkey assessment | multiple languages | focus on people at all levels in organizations, as well as external trainers, consultants and trainers | use a very large sample size
Status | assessment currently being developed

Thought leader forums | a series of zoom videos of 3-5 thought leaders, facilitated by a benchmark update team member, addressing poignant questions about the Enneagram’s real value in organizations | videos or excerpts can be used in a variety of ways
Status | concept developed to some degree | would come after Survey Monkey assessment results as these may change our process or questions asked

Benchmark update team
Team lead | Ginger Lapid-Bogda (USA)
Gema de la Rosa (Spain)
Annie Girard (Canada)
Adelaida Harrison (Mexico)
Gloria Hung (China)
Chloe Keric-Eli (Canada)
Nancy Wagner (USA)

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