Global Enneagram Network: Senior EIBN Members

A sustainable Blue Ocean network of Enneagram professionals worldwide who share a common vision, an intention to bring the Enneagram into organizations in a highly professional, effective, and ethical way, and a commitment to the ongoing success and personal/professional development of other Enneagram professionals both inside and outside the network.

Senior Members of the Enneagram In Business Network (EIBN)

Heidrun Kirsch-26-6x9
Heidrun Kirsch
Wiesbaden, Germany

“Driving change for the better; helping organizations and individuals build success by creating understanding in a trusted environment for change and growth.”


About Heidrun

I am a senior marketing consultant, start-up advisor and Enneagram trainer with a strong background in science, business and technology. I have the skills to motivate and build trust while creating an environment for change and growth within organisations.

I have been working with the Enneagram for over 9 years. During that time, I have coached many people and helped several companies/startups become successful.

Since 2016, I have also been an “ÖAE certified Enneagram trainer” and listed here:

I have been part of the Enneagram in Business Network since 2019.

+49 172 9498560 (p)

Martin Salzwedel_web
Martin Salzwedel
March, Germany

“Integrating my expertise as an Enneagram teacher with my background as a musician creates joy and lasting effects for both my clients and myself.”


About Martin

Martin Salzwedel is an expert consultant, trainer, and executive coach working with companies across the globe.

He began his career as a professional cellist, has taught at several universities, worked six years as an executive for an international media company, and spent eight years working for a US consulting firm. Martin has contributed to over 30 publications on communication in leadership, sales, and negotiations. He wrote the first book on the Enneagram and Leadership in Germany in 2008 with Ulf Toedter, “Fuhren ist Charaktersache” (Leadership is a Matter of Character). After several reprints, the current fourth edition was published in April 2021 with a new title “Authentisch führen mit Charakter” (Authentic Leadership With Character). Eight workbooks on the Enneagram and six CDs with music from Gurdjieff, classical music, and a selection of his own compositions for piano and cello have been published in the last decade.

He has worked with international corporations as well as numerous small- and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.

As the founder of Communications Consulting International in 1995, director of the Institute of Personality Development of the Boston Business School, and a senior consultant of the St. Gallen Group since 2000, Martin currently works with international leaders on executive development efforts throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, and Asia. He uses his expertise as an Enneagram teacher and his background as a concert-level cellist to unearth the full potential in the clients he serves.

Martin speaks English, French, and German.

49 170 634 7758 (p)

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