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Donald Trump and the enneagram | what makes The Donald run?

When someone suggested I write a timely blog on Donald Trump, my first thought was that his Enneagram type was so obvious that there was no reason to write one. But, then again, I reflected on two things: (1) some people, for some reason that I don’t understand except for the idea that he has been successful, think Donald Trump is an Enneagram 3, not an Enneagram 8, for which he is almost the poster child, and (2) perhaps the Enneagram can shed some light on what makes Donald run and as an 8, what he is likely to do next.

First, let me describe Enneagram 8s, particularly as it relates to Donald Trump.

Eights pursue the truth and justice, like to keep situations under control, want to make important things happen, and try to hide their vulnerability.
Strengths | direct | strategic | protective | big action oriented
Development | controlling | demanding | disdain weakness | intimidating

The above describes Donald Trump in a general way. But not all 8s are exactly like Donald Trump, partly due to what is called “Levels of Development” (Riso and Hudson) or what I refer to as “Levels of Self-Mastery” (Lapid-Bogda). In other words, think of a line with individuals of the same type being at different places on the line from very low functioning to moderate (average) functioning to high functioning. Trump, in my view, is a low functioning 8, and here are two descriptions of that kind of 8, the place at which Trump appears to be functioning or deteriorating into if he is not there already.

Description of low self-mastery 8s (Lapid-Bogda) | the bully
Direct to the point of cruelty, with floods of anger and destructive punitive behavior | power oriented in most circumstances and at whatever cost | deteriorates into anti-social or violent behavior because they cannot contain or control their explosive anger

Unhealthy Level 8 (Riso and Hudson) | megalomaniacal terrorizing
Desperate to protect themselves and so fearful of retaliation, they begin to attack potential rivals before they can threaten them, respecting no boundaries and overreaching themselves, with delusions of invulnerability

What Trump has done recently
Trump has done many unbelievable things in the recent past. He has called immigrants from Mexico rapists, challenged John McCain’s heroism as a POW precisely because McCain was captured, made numerous derogatory comments about women, has relentlessly questioned president Obama’s citizenship (and has a history of anti-Black rhetoric and behavior), and dismisses his opponents as “losers” or “weak” which, of course, casts Trump himself as a winner and as strong. And Trump gets away with it. Low functioning 8s can be blustery (and do not feel remorse for what they say; hence, no apology) and relentlessly aggressive, although they prefer to decimate their opponents with one quick and big action.

From his perspective, I believe, Trump is simply telling the truth (as he sees it), often pushing back on criticism that he receives by labeling those who critique him as “political correctness” police. And every time he makes what would be career-limiting and/or career-deadening comments if made by his Republican rivals, Trump defends himself, like most 8s, by going on the offense, often using “political correctness” as his sword. And he gets away with it.

What makes Donald run?
Donald aside, what are the common key motivators for most people who are highly, perhaps exceedingly, ambitious: power, money, and/or fame? Trump appears to have all three of these already, though a case could be made that as an Enneagram 8, Trump likely believes that “you can never have enough of a good thing.” However, I believe there is a 4th motivator, one I have observed in many Enneagram 8s who have not engaged in enough self-development. They want respect, legitimization, recognition for being someone who is worthy of gravitas which they like to presume that they have, though their kind of gravitas is really more like “bigness” and is often a cover for their intrinsic sense of smallness.

His presidential run may have started initially as a blustery bid for media attention (or maybe it was real all the time), but it seems to have morphed into full-on warfare for recognition for him as a person to be respected and taken seriously. Eights, more than any other Enneagram type, like and seek challenges – the bigger the better – and when challenged, they come back full throttle as long as they have the internal and external resources to do so. As a result, I predict that The Donald will keep on running for president until he can no longer do so, and the more attempts that arise to stop him, the more grandiose and aggressive he will become. He will rise, in some way, emboldened by the challenge.

Why The Donald has traction
Why does he have any traction at all? My guess is that he is playing “establishment outsider,” even though he is literally part of the establishment by almost any standard. And Trump’s taking on of those in power resonates with what is remaining of a small sliver of the American electorate, Trump voters. To be realistic, few Blacks will vote for him, about the same percentage of Hispanics will support him, Democrats never will, the under-30 age group doesn’t see that he has much to offer them (and they are fairly progressive in their social values), most women are deeply offended by his remarks, those of Asian descent are unlikely to see him as someone admirable, and it is doubtful those who are part of the LGBT community will align with anything The Donald stands for.

This leaves a narrow band of the electorate I will call “alienated white heterosexual male” voters who are angry and have been since the women’s movement in the 1970s and then became even more so when the economy tanked and they could no longer find the kinds of jobs they were used to having. In a sense, they feel like victims of the system who are looking for someone to blame. Trump can be a bully, but he is the perfect protector for this group of voters (“alienated white males”) because he can bully everyone Trump voters feel bullied by. I want to be really clear that there are many white males who are deeply offended by Trump; they don’t feel alienated, don’t perceive themselves as victims, and certainly would never hang on the coattails of someone like The Donald to protect and defend them.

One commentator stated that he thinks Trump represents the “Id” (the unconscious) of America, and perhaps this is true. If accurate, it would be the “Id” of a certain sliver of white males. But Trump loves and feeds off them and their alienation, his grandiosity growing with each step he takes onto the larger world stage.

We are too wise to elect Trump our next president. But if he wins the Republican nomination, and he could, especially since he has said (and perhaps this is bravado) he will fund his own campaign to the tune of $1 billion, the American 2-party system could be in jeopardy. The Republican party could splinter so badly, there would be nothing left at its core. With that scenario, Trump could march triumphantly back to his media megalomania, leaving many bodies and a whole political party dead on the side of the road. Low-functioning 8s can do this with no remorse for the bodies on the side of the road or any institution they blow up; high functioning 8s would not. The Donald would still be the “winner” and he would call the rest of us one of his favorite words: “LOSER!”

Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD, the author of four best-selling Enneagram-business books, is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. She provides certification programs for professionals around the world who want to bring the Enneagram into organizations with high-impact business applications, and is past-president of the International Enneagram Association. Visit her website: The Enneagram in Business.com. ginger@theenneagraminbusiness.com


I tend to agree with the low level 8 (but don't quite see the movement to 2) 

Now that we have watched him in action - I think another possible interpretation is 

a low functioning 7 wing 8

7 - gold, gold, and more gold, drugs, dining with gusto, hookers, need for speed

5 - he knows things that no one else does, specializes in tax evasion and bankrupticy, treats individuals as data or objects, esp women

low level 1 - calling names, only he is right, misogynistic, etc


In my eyes this analysis its terrible due to the fact is very biased on your political views. Your sources of information were only liberal and leftists,  who tend to cut the things he says and put them out of context. In my view your analysis is also  very biased by something i personally hate political correctness. 

I ve been following him for more than 12 years, i gping to tell you why he is a normal 8 in my view he is a level 4 or 3. Based on real research. And my personal experience in dealing with 8.

First of all, you can see it recently in an interview with Hannity he said that he sees himself as someone who fights for survival. Thats the key point of the eight, the 8 believes the world its a dangerous place just like 6, the difference being that the 8 sees himself as the alpha predator. As Trump does.

Its interesting to hear him recall his youth: "I get greedy and  more greedy and i wanted more and more", wich makes cristal clear the eigths passion which is lust. Lust in the sense of always wanting more and more. 

With respect to his well known comments,  my grandmother and my dad are 8, while my mom its a 9 with a  8 wing; he just opens his mouth in a defying way, and doesnt care what others think, just like my grandma and my dad and my mom when she moves to that 8 wing (all of them like me are selfpreservation subtypes). 

They dont care if they offend you or not, they push you to see if you'll stand out for your self. As a fact their are always imposing while making new interactions with people, they never go soft or smooth. Once you gain the 8 respects and they are great people. Just look hox many of the former Trump's employees or friends say really nice things about him. 

Other aspect its the way they protect their fellings, you can see this when Trump talks about his brother who die due to alcohol problems.

8 are very family guys, he has said "Something when I'm invited to give speeches to people who want to become rich they get upset at me because i told them that family its the most important thing. He has said as well that he values  his family more know, that in the past. Wich is a mayor trait in 8 as they evolve; they care less about power and more about their loved ones. 

You can figure out, that with such background i dont find the things Trump says offensive, for me he just says what he thinks.  Of course all my friends say Im  the king of the  innapropiate comments. BTW Im a 4. 

The main thing its that this goes against the mainstream modern culture of political correctness and not ofending any one. Im 26 years old and I always have problems relating with people my age, it took me time to realize that most of people my age never received and insult or a harsh comment, while growing up. They never received what i call the hairdryer, that speech full of heat. And thats what i believe Trump is so polemical to them, but such a breeze of fresh air for someone like me.

Well i think i wrote a lot 


Judy Reynolds
Judy Reynolds

You make a good case for the eight, but I still think Trump is a three. The performer. They can also be very vindictive and harsh with any opponents. And trumps constant trumpeting of how great he is, what a smart guy, on such an inside track--three personified. In my opinion, Trump is too scattered to be a true eight. Maybe he has an 8 wing, a la Riso. His vindictiveness and pathetic reminders of his achievements, like trump meat and wine on the table at his speech, are so very three. If he is indeed an an eight, he would be a pathologically degenerating example of the point. Maybe that is why I am having a hard time recognizing him as an eight

Jewelry place
Jewelry place

I think trump is a unhealthy 6, trump taking security from money that the reason he is talking all the time from his success, he need everybody should love him (not as 8 who don't need love from everyone) trump doesn't stop saying "everybody loves me" ,remember when he some Iowa polls was shown he is under Cruz. Trump twitted that Iowa to much.. Corn creates issues for the brain, see when Putin says trump will be a good president, trump says I like Putin, all around who's like him or not, I have if he is a 8 why could he not shake hands with supporters? I think he is a unhealthy 6,


Few blacks, the under 30, most women, and you think it's doubtful that the lgbt community will vote for him is where I disagree with you.

Your views on the above groups are stereotypically limiting. I beg to offer the point that many lgbt would align themselves with Trumps "outsider" stance, women look for safety which for many means control. Those under thirty want to be independent, diverse and unlimited in their vocational pursuits. You're argument was well delivered until your closing.


I agree with many of the observations but I think there is more to him than this.  Like Clinton and Reagan he is a master communicator.  A president who is not a communicator is powerless because all policies have to be sold to the public and to the congress.  

He would cut through inefficiency and ineffectiveness and bulldoze a way to break thru the normal channels to achieve his goals.  I think his intimidating style will motivate people and he isn't particularly embedded in a frozen position, but will continually be processing what he needs to do to get the job done.  

Would he be brilliant enough to choose advisors that will further the goals of the electorate.  I wonder.

Janet Smith
Janet Smith

I think this analysis of Trump somewhat misses the mark and to large degree is a misunderstanding of what drives average 8ness. I think Trump is an average 8.  Apart from Trumps obvious 8 style (crude!) that is coming across now, he is addressing issues that matter to people and I don't think its only angry white males that like him etc... I think people that like him can see beyond the 8 style and appreciate his "truth" telling regarding the need to control illegal immigration, be more competitive with trade deals, etc...   People that have been interviewed that have actually worked with him, like him.  They say he is a nice person and kind to those around him, including women and minorities.  Sometimes he says stupid sexists or racist things, but his actions are not consistent with someone who discriminates against women and ethnic minorities.  He will find a way to clean up what he has said, just today he met with the president of the hispanic chamber of commerce and it was a successful meeting said the president of the chamber.  All this fits within the 8 type.  As with most 8s, I agree that his vulnerability is likely to take him out of his own accord - something about him or his family will be exposed that he doesn't want to address publicly and he will find a way to get out of the race.  Nothing irks an 8 more than incompetent leadership so it makes sense that he would want to shake up the Republican party.  He has already made an impact on the political discourse for Republicans, so I bet he thinks his job is done and he can step out at any time and feel ok about it.  And no, I am not a Trump supporter but I do know 8s!


This must be done, Ginger, and you are doing what a Two must do with Eight. Please carry on, brilliantly as always!