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“I don’t take on big things. What I do, pretty much, is make the big things small and the small things big.” ~ Larry David

Enneagram Ones
Find one of your opinions that is highly illogical and laugh at it. Do this daily.

Enneagram Twos 
Don’t look in the mirror for 3 days except to brush your hair. Do you have a sense of self without seeing yourself reflected in the mirror.

Enneagram Threes
Ask 3 people what being means, as opposed to doing? Ponder their answers.

Enneagram Fours
When you feel depressed, ask yourself what you are angry about and who you are angry with. One cause of depression is anger that is turned inward toward the self.

Enneagram Fives
Initiate a new relationship in your personal life. Invite someone to do something with you.

Enneagram Sixes
What do you do for fun? Do it for one hour! Enjoy yourself! Do this daily.

Enneagram Sevens
Come 5 minutes early to your meetings or social events. Stay still and don’t leave!

Enneagram Eights
Use more adjectives and adverbs when you talk. Make your sentences more complex.

Enneagram Nines
Take explicit control of everything you do for one hour each day.

Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD, the author of seven best-selling Enneagram-business books, is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. She provides certification programs for professionals around the world who want to bring the Enneagram into organizations with high-impact business applications, and is past-president of the International Enneagram Association. Visit her website: TheEnneagramInBusiness.com. ginger@theenneagraminbusiness.com

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3 years ago

Wow! I quite love this!

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