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This week is the US Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday to be exact), so this blog is dedicated to the people for whom I want to give big thanks to this holiday season and how their enneatypes contribute to my appreciation of them:

Judith Searle (enneatype 1) | Judith and I have been friends for many years since our tenures on the IEA board of directors. Judith’s 1ness shows up in so many beautiful ways. Everything she does (writing, presenting, moderating content-based discussions such as she did on the topic of the US political scene at the last IEA conference) is always done with talent and grace.

Lauren Cullen (enneatype 2) | Lauren does all my graphics and most of my technology, all in one highly talented person. She brings her 2ness to the job by really tuning into the concepts and meaning of the graphics, but she also tunes into people with whom she interfaces. How she came into my work life is something for which I will always be grateful.

Shelley (enneatype 3) | Shelley is my new, wonderful, awesome operations manager who brings the best of her 3ness to the job. She is mega-organized, highly resourceful, fun to be with, and brings her abundant social skills to working with others in the office and to everyone who contacts us via phone or email.

Don Riso (enneatype 4) | Don’s 4ness was shown in so many ways – his drive for excellence, his sensitivity, his lovingness, his ability to create from his passion. I will always miss him.

Andres Agudelo (enneatype 5) | From Colombia, Andres is a walking/talking example of 5ness, a 5 who has done so much work on himself that just being around him is awesome. A filmmaker, an Enneagram teacher, a seeker, a negotiations experts, he is just a yummy human being.

Susan Green (enneatype 6) | Susan has been the project manager for Real Decoy, the amazing Canadian company that put “Know Your Type” on the Android platform. Real Decoy did this for no charge, simply out of love for the Enneagram. Susan’s 6ness played a major role. More counterphobic than phobic, Susan rose to the challenge, navigated the needs on both sides, anticipated and problem-solved every technical barrier (with the help of her team), and if she ever felt frustrated with us, never once showed it.

Todd Pierce (enneatype 7) | Todd is my major inspiration for the organizational work I do. He was my first big Enneagram corporate client (when he was a leader at Genentech/Roche), and he continues to be my guiding light now that he is at Salesforce. Not only does he offer wonder mind-share and innovative projects for me to create, he inspires me as a person. Imagine a 7 intentionally going on 30-day silent retreats? That’s Todd.

Gloria Hung (enneatype 8) | Gloria is my dear friend from Hong Kong, who inspires me every day in terms of thinking big on behalf of the largest community possible. In her strength and vulnerability, Gloria’s 8ness shows in everything she does, from building the Hong Kong Enneagram community to mentoring and coaching individuals and groups as a call to service, and by just being a completely trustworthy friend and colleague.

Matt Ahrens (enneatype 9) | Matt is a funny and talented guy. As the mentoring coordinator for the EIBN (Enneagram in Business Network), he and I act as matchmakers for the senior-associate mentoring pairs. He knows almost as many people as I do (his 9ness comes in very handy here) and gets along with everyone.

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Judith Searle
11 years ago

Dear Ginger,

Thank you so much for your lovely “Thanksgiving” appreciation of me and my work. You are certainly high on my list of extraordinary 2s, and if I had a blog I’d be acknowledging you in print.
I’m now the proud owner and user of your wonderful “Know Your Type app on my Android phone. Now when people ask me about the Enneagram I won’t be fumbling for something I might have with me that shows the diagram and gives a short description of all the types. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Judith Searle
11 years ago

Dear Ginger,

Thank you so much for your appreciative comments about me and my work in your “Thanksgiving” newsletter. You’re certainly on my “short list” of extraordinary 2s I’ve known.
Thank you also for the wonderful “Know Your Type” app which is now on special display on my Android phone. Now when people ask me about the Enneagram I can whip out my phone and give them your superb intro to the types.



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