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”Maya” and the enneagram

“Maya” is a word with many meanings, some of which have a positive connotation and other definitions, not so much. For example, “maya” means the power by which the universe becomes manifest, the creative spirit, the mother spirit. But “maya” also means the appearance or illusions of the phenomenal (physical) world. It is the latter sense in which I first learned the word “maya” some 40+ years ago during my first experience meditating and sitting at the feet of a living, traveling guru. It was he who spoke the words, “Be the knife, but not the cake.” I actually think, after all these years, I understand what this means, but perhaps that is also an illusion (an unreal vision) or a delusion (a false belief). Perhaps it is both.
I thought it would be interesting to explore some of the perceptual disturbances (illusions) and belief disturbances (delusions) that are the tendencies of each type.
Enneagram One
That being so completely self-controlled will give them the joys and pleasures they want as a reward for being so good

Enneagram Two
That being so focused and intent on others means that they themselves can really do no wrong

Enneagram Three
That doing what they think they want is more often doing what they think they should want and not understanding the difference between the two

Enneagram Four
That being so in touch with their feelings and pondering them with such great intensity makes them real, when the feelings they explore and express are neither their deepest nor their most real feelings

Enneagram Five
That they don’t either know or experience their feelings states when their emotions are actually extremely pure

Enneagram Six
That their bearing down on a problem with great intensity and focus on serious issues confronting them will somehow get the issue solved or resolved

Enneagram Seven
That they are propelled in perpetuity to live a life with a deep hole inside themselves when all they need to do is go inside themselves

Enneagram Eight
That they don’t dare let their guard down because if they do, something terrible will happen to them

Enneagram Nine
That they are so consistently kind and nice, without recognizing that their under-experienced and unexpressed anger has painful consequences for them and others

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Sylvie and Hugh Stanley

Great insight, thank you!