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Enneagram Theory: Uncovering Your Purpose (part 2)

In this second blog, part of my endnote speech at the 2011 IEA (International Enneagram Association) conference, you can read about how each us (and all of us, because these ideas are really true of everyone) can lessen the impact of our egos, thus allowing us to make a bigger contribution to global change.

Ones (and all of us) need to remember that when we are following our purpose as a consciousness catalyzer, it won’t really be 100% perfect because the real world never is. But if our commitment is strong and our skills are well applied, 65-70% close to perfect is perfect enough. And by being flexible, feeling relaxed, and enjoying ourselves in the process, we can add another 10%!

Twos (and all of us) need to soul-search and ask ourselves why we are doing something and if we really know what is best for other people. Be honest about your intentions, and if they are self-serving in any way, work on this internally and resolve it. If you think you know what is best for others, but they have not come to that conclusion themselves, stop, join them, and be a full-partner.

Threes (and all of us) need to ask ourselves if we need to be the biggest or brightest fish in the pond. Catalyzing and sustaining is much more difficult and complicated from this position. To catalyze consciousness, one must be real. Are you?

Fours (and all of us) need to ask ourselves if we are waiting to take action until we feel good enough? Too much waiting and the moment is lost. You are good enough already. We are all “good enough,” and we are all still working on ourselves.

Fives (and all of us) need to recognize that while there is not absolute abundance in the world, there is more than we commonly think. There is enough of us to go around, especially when we are doing things that really matter and that we care about deeply.

Sixes (and all of us) need to plan for positive possibilities, all the while, living in the reality that things can go wrong, but we can handle it. In catalyzing consciousness, self-doubt is only a way we restrain ourselves from doing what we are supposed to do.

Sevens (and all of us) need to remember that while we may fall in love with an idea, thoughts are not the same as action, and conscious action is required of us all. Keep focused, love what you do, and keep moving forward. An obstacle is simply something to leap over or move beyond.

Eights (and all of us) need to remember that rightful anger is part of the fuel, but it is not the car that takes us on the journey. Impassioned vulnerability, lots of listening, and deliberative-action guide the way.

Nines (and all of us) need to remember that we need to be fully awake, alert, and conscious in order to be a vital consciousness-catalyzer. When we sleep along the way, we lose sight of the stops along the way.

Remember, all of our pieces fit together in the bigger puzzle!

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