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Enneagram iPhone App: Know Your Type


Follow the path to self-discovery and acceptance and learn to interact effectively with other people using this complete Enneagram App as your guide.

Why an Enneagram iPhone App? That is the question I asked myself before I embarked on this venture 6 months ago. The best answer was that it aligns with my personal mission: to bring the Enneagram out more into the world.

With over 85 million iPhone users worldwide (and more if you include iPad and iPod Touch), maybe it was an obvious idea to consider, but it took 3 different people saying to me, So when are you going to do an iPhone App? before I even considered the possibility.

The Result: Oh, my!

On January 18, Know Your Type was launched on the App Store, and I think it is the coolest and most useful thing I have ever done. I wrote it all, except one section on breathing activities to reduce stress for each Enneagram type, written by Peter O’Hanrahan. The App covers typing, conflict prevention, stress reduction, type interactions, Enneagram theory, videos of people of each type, a way to test of your knowledge in real-world applications, and more.

And, it would not be as remarkable as it is without the App developers from Genenetech/Roche, three amazingly talented individuals (plus a team behind them) who made it so beautiful, user-friendly, and interactive that is a joy to see and a pleasure to use.

Dan McCall, the project manager, oversaw the entire project, kept everything on schedule, and answered all techno-unsavvy questions with patience and clarity. Just great!

Qingqing Liu, the programmer, surmounted every programming challenge, and made it run like clockwork. Wow!

Jane Pyle, the everything person, embraced the concepts, conducted the focus groups and listened from her heart and mind, helped create the graphics, made sure the user-interface was flawless, and more. She is an App super-star.

Finally, Todd Pierce, my friend, client, and colleague from Genentech/Roche truly believes in the power of the Enneagram for transformation and helped make all this happen. All of this was a labor of love.

My Intention for the App

Here’s my wish list for Know Your Type:

*To make the Enneagram more available to everyone at home and work
*To provide an easy-to-use and in-depth resource for organizations using the Enneagram
*To make the Enneagram accessible to college-age students
*To figure out how to let as many people know about it as possible

You can help by buying it (only $2.99), rating and reviewing it on the App Store, and telling as many people as you know about Know Your Type. Even if they don’t have an iPhone, they know people who do!

Go visit EnneagramApp.com, the website for Know Your Type, for more App information, including many screen shots. Dan, Qingqing, and Jane created the website, too!

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