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What enneagram type is Pope Francis?

On my recent trip to Argentina – Buenos Aires and Iguazu, where they have gorgeous greenery and monumental waterfalls – to do an endnote and plenary session at the Latin American Enneagram conference, I was looking forward to getting insider

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Apple cake and the enneagram | ”new orleans apple cake”

Does apple cake really have anything to do with the Enneagram? When you taste this apple cake, you won’t even care whether there is an Enneagram connection or not! That said, here’s why this particular cake recipe works well for

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How an enneagram 6 buys a car

I am pretty sure that each Enneagram type buys a car in a particular way, primarily because a dear friend of mine (pseudonym Carl), an enneatype 6, recently described how he bought a new car. Both my son and I

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Holiday and New Year’s wishes

Ones | May you relax and enjoy all that is pleasurable and positive Twos | May you find your full freedom and deepest sense of purpose Threes | May you identify and stay focused on what really matters deeply to

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Cultivating thankfulness

November is Thanksgiving in the United States, mostly known for a particular kind of food – turkey, stuffing, pumpkins, family and friends – but many people use it as a time to also reflect on what they are thankful for

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Diversity, the enneagram, and the Isla Vista massacre

My blog on the massacre in Isla Vista from an Enneagram perspective has received many heartfelt comments, all of them positive, though I am sure there may be reactions that are not so positive. First I wanted to share some

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Massacre in Isla Vista | an enneagram perspective

By now, the deeply troubling and devastating news of the mass murders in Isla Vista near Santa Barbara has spread worldwide, and much analysis has been done about cause and blame. For me, this event is more a pervasive pattern

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The Oscar Pistorius trial | an enneagram perspective

A year ago on Valentine’s Day, Oscar Pistorius – aka the Blade Runner due to his track accomplishments on metal legs at both the Olympics and Para-Olympics – killed his then girlfriend of three months, Reeva Steenkamp in the early

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The Bachelor | an enneagram perspective

What does the US TV show The Bachelor have to do with the Enneagram? Like all reality TV shows, the Bachelor is contrived and structured for impact, yet behind the veil there are real people doing somewhat real things. And

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